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We're Classicists and we're bitter...

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Classics magazine [May. 28th, 2006|02:26 am]
We're Classicists and we're bitter...
I've set up a Classics magazine, as part of an Outreach project, which is to be sent out to state schools in the UK free of charge. It's called Iris, and its website is www.irismagazine.org; I'm really keen to get quality original and creative material for it. The magazine is designed to grab the interest of those who might not know much about Classics. In UK schools, Classics has sadly become very much the preserve of the private sector, and I think it's a massive shame that there are loads of school children out there who just aren't getting the chance to study such fantastic languages and Classical texts. I'm hoping that this magazine (along with other projects) might help to remedy that.

If anyone is interested in submitting material or supporting in any other way, then that would be very welcome! Any general or specific advice on the project would also be great. I'm sure there are masses of ways I could do this better, but haven't thought of myself.



[User Picture]From: cassiphone
2006-05-28 03:53 am (UTC)
Hi Lorna

I'd be very interested in being involved with this. And I love your title! (my daughter's middle name, chosen for the Greek Iris as well as the flower...)

My email address is trr(at)tansyrr.com and I'm a doctoral student in Classics (shortly to submit... possibly in the next fortnight...) as well as a writer.


PS: Is it going to be a primarily non fiction magazine, or include fiction? Because fiction and even comics could be a great way to open up the field of interest, particularly if they were provided with details author's notes about source material.
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