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On the advice of a well-known lover of cats, I decided I should post… - The Pit of Snarks [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
We're Classicists and we're bitter...

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[Apr. 16th, 2005|12:38 am]
We're Classicists and we're bitter...
[mood |confusedconfused]

On the advice of a well-known lover of cats, I decided I should post this:

On a recent episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, they included an "attack ad" a la US Election 2004, but for the Papal Elections. It's was an ad "put out" by Cardinal Arinze against Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. The text was in "Latin", and this is what TiVo picked up with some modifications for what was actually said:

Cardinal Ratzinger dicet amat magna mater ecclessia, sed qui veritas est? Eram prognatus in Germania, ut eram . . . Martin Luther! Validus ecclesius est alius Reformation superstes per "a sausage-eating bastard?"
Igo Cardinal Arinze, et igo probatas es nutias.

A translation was made by kerrypolka on thedailyshow:

Cardinal Ratzinger says that he loves the great mother church, but what is the truth? He was born in Germany and so was . . . Martin Luther! Can the mighty church survive another Reformation with a sausage-eating bastard?

I'm Cardinal Arinze, and I approve this message.

How he actually got this from that Latin is a little beyond me... there just weren't enough verbs in that "Validus ecclesius" bit...

What's my problem? I love that they used Latin, it was highly funny, but why couldn't they have consulted one of the many Classics faculties in the good ol' US of A for some good Latin?! In the end, I got frustrated and posted a proper translation on thedailyshow because I'm a geek:

"Cardinal Ratzinger dicit se amare magnam matrem ecclessiam, sed quid est veritas? Prognatus est in Germania, ut . . . Martin Luther!

Valida ecclesia poterit superesse alium Reformationem cum "a sausage-eating bastard?" [Or… in Latin: cum botulum edante notho?]

Cardinal Arinze sum, et hoc nuntium probo."

Just thought I'd share.

EDITED TO ADD: If anyone wants to watch the video of this, it's within this clip from the Daily Show Website: http://www.comedycentral.com/mp/play.jhtml?player=realplayer&type=v&quality=high&reposid=/multimedia/tds/colb/colbert_10048.html Enjoy!

[User Picture]From: philosophercat
2005-04-15 09:22 pm (UTC)
Everythings all fun and games until the theologians show up, though :P
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From: ex_changed176
2005-04-16 07:11 am (UTC)
Now that you mention it... I'm channeling Descartes!
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